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Bike theft: “Technology leads the way”

“Technology leads the way” affirmed the local newspaper Münstersche Zeitung in an article about an e-bike theft in the Westphalian bicycle metropolis (see link below). The police caught the alleged thief with the help of an IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracking module and seized the missing bike and two other pedelecs.

The thief struck during the night, even though Michael B.* had secured his e-bike properly with a lock. An observant neighbour alerted him to the theft the next morning.

Things could have been worse, but luckily for Michael B.*: the top-end bike had been fitted with an IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker. The owner reported the theft immediately to the IT’S MY BIKE team via the app associated with the tracker. He then reported the theft to the police. The tracking function allowed him to watch how the thief transported the stolen bike from the city of Münster to Steinfurt via Greven and Emsdetten. Michael B. provided the police with details of the thief’s route to over the phone. When the bike finally came to a halt, the police sprang into action.

Once at the scene, they found the pedelec hidden under a blanket in the suspect’s car. They also seized two more e-bikes plus tools used to cut and open bike locks, including an angle grinder. The suspect has been detained provisionally and an investigation is underway.

*Name has been changed

Image: Symbolbild / Adobe Stock