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Cargo bike stolen in Hamburg retrieved within three hours

Hamburg, 15 January. A Hamburg bike thief appropriated not just one but two bikes belonging to Phil S*.

It was 15 January. Phil S.* had chained both his bikes to a post outside his home in the Hamburg district of Rahlstedt. He didn’t anticipate anything bad happening, but just a little later, around 7 p.m., bike thieves started tampering with the secured bikes and made off with them. The victim noticed the theft the very next day.

Fortunately, one of the bikes, a red cargo bike, is fitted with an IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker. Phil S. reported the theft in the IT’S MY BIKE app around 1 p.m. The alerted Bike Hunters wasted no time in launching a search.

The GPS signal indicated the tracked cargo bike was on Rahlstedter Strasse and was moving further west. When the team started picking up the signal again, they alerted the police. The police eventually seized back both bikes in a residential area, just three hours after IT’S MY BIKE received the report of the theft. What’s more, the find was a great success: the police found four other stolen bikes, including a valuable cargo bike.


*Name changed

Stock image: Adobe Stock