Press releasesKooperation zwischen Waldbike und IoT Venture

Connected Bikes: IoT Venture and Waldbike start working together

IoT Venture is now to begin collaborating with Waldbike GmbH & Co. KG. This start-up from the Black Forest sells and produces e-bikes. And now its portfolio will include digital anti-theft protection, based on the expertise of IoT Venture.

Waldbike is now equipping its e-bikes with GPS trackers from IT’S MY BIKE, IoT Venture’s commercial label. If customers request it, this digital anti-theft protection will be integrated in the bicycle during production. Once installed, the tracking solution connects the e-bike to the internet, so that stolen bikes can be located and recovered. As well as digital anti-theft protection with movement detection alarm, customers can also use the white-label app developed by IoT Venture to analyse trip data and take out discounted insurance packages.


Sustainable e-bike production

Waldbike produces its e-bikes sustainably in Calw in the Black Forest. From city bikes and full e-bikes to SUV e-bikes, the manufacturer offers various bicycle models that can all be equipped with the smart anti-theft solution. “We want to inspire our customers to look at mobility from a different angle and turn to our eco-friendly, intelligently designed products,” explains Jan Jochens, Managing Director of Waldbike.


Further data-driven services are planned

Both companies are already hoping to expand their collaboration. Among other things, Waldbike’s next models will also be factory-fitted with IoT Venture’s anti-theft solution and therefore virtually connected. What’s more, a CAN upgrade is already planned, which will enable predictive maintenance. This means, for example, that e-bike repairs and defects will be recognised more rapidly and therefore prevented.

“We are delighted to have acquired a great partner in Waldbike, so that we can forge ahead with smart mobility together,” declares Jonas Warmbrunn, Business Development Manager at IoT Venture.


Photo: Waldbike