Press releasesDigitaler emergency assistant from IT'S MY BIKE and WayGuard

Digital emergency assistant: IT'S MY BIKE enters into partnership with AXA's WayGuard

Darmstadt, 17 November 2020. IT’S MY BIKE – an IoT Venture GmbH brand, is now integrating the AXA WayGuard Emergency Process into its digital world for e-bikes. This means e-bike riders with a built-in IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker who have contracted the service can rely on rapid assistance in the right location in the event of an accident.

A DEKRA-tested accident detection system initiates the WayGuard Emergency Process in the event of a fall. Contactable twenty-four hours a day, the WayGuard Control Centre will alert the nearest police and rescue services in an emergency. The emergency process can also be activated manually if necessary. The service is available in Germany to begin with.

The optional bookable IT’S MY BIKE service costs 1.99 euros per month and can be cancelled on a monthly basis. IT’S MY BIKE offers a free three-month trial subscription, so that users can first try out the service without obligation. Users can contract and cancel the service on the IT’S MY BIKE app.

With the emergency assistant (eCall), IT’S MY BIKE is adding yet another key service to its digital service world. “eCall was something we really wanted to provide from the outset,” states Thomas Ullmann, Chief Operating Officer at IoT Venture GmbH. “It improves safety for the rider significantly and can even save lives. That’s why I’m all the more pleased that we’re now able to put it into use.”

The brand has been offering the GPS tracker as a retrofit at bike specialists since summer 2019 (RRP: 199 euros, including three years’ connectivity). The solution can be used to recover stolen bicycles (eProtect). Users also have the option of accessing mileage statistics and calculating CO2 savings (eRide). E-bike owners can take out bicycle theft insurance (eSurance) at a discounted rate directly in the app to obtain extra protection. “This comprehensive digital service makes our offer unique,” affirms a pleased Jürgen Veith, Chief Executive Officer at IoT Venture GmbH. “We’re glad to have found an experienced and innovative partner in AXA.”

WayGuard has established itself as the leading companion app in Germany with now more than 350,000 registered users. Both the WayGuard app (4.7 stars) and the IT’S MY BIKE app (4.4 stars) have been rated very highly in the App Store.