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E-bike stolen in Aachen appears in Cologne

Aachen, 16 July. For Nele N., it was actually a great day as she was enjoying her vacation, oblivious to the unpleasant surprise awaiting her at home.

On 16 July Nele N. was away on holiday, unaware that something very different was happening at home: a thief was stealing her valuable e-bike. Nele didn’t suspect anything until she arrived back on 31 July and discovered, to her dismay, that her e-bike had been stolen. She promptly informed the bike hunters via the IT’S MY BIKE app as her e-bike was fortunately fitted with a GPS tracker.

The bike hunters wasted no time in launching a search for the bike.  It had last emitted a movement signal a few days before Nele’s return on 26 July. Although the bike then stopped moving, the bike hunters didn’t give up their search. They lay in wait until the next strong signal was sent.

Their patience paid off around two months later when the bike moved again and emitted a perfect GPS signal at 7.29 p.m. on 27 October. Instead of Aachen, it was now located in Cologne – on the A4 autobahn heading towards the A3 to be exact. The bike hunters tracked the signal and alerted the motorway police.

A short time later, the vehicle transporting the bike left the A3 at Cologne-Mühlheim. It came to a halt in a residential area not far from the motorway exit. The officers managed to recover the e-bike there just a little later. But that’s not all: they also found a suspect who claimed to be the bike’s owner and to have acquired it only recently. The bike was taken to the police station in Mühlheim for final clarification.

*Name changed

Photo: Stock image Adobe Stock