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E-bike with child trailer stolen in Aachen

Aachen, 5 October. A thief made off with Andre M’s e-bike one late afternoon in early October. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice his beloved bike had been stolen until the next morning. 

It was early October when Andre M.* locked up his bike and child trailer at the Ostfriedhof cemetery near Aachen’s Europlatz. Unluckily, the lock wasn’t strong enough as a thief broke it open swiftly around 6 p.m. What the bike thief didn’t realise, however, is that the e-bike was also protected by a built-in IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker.

The stolen bike was loaded into a car and transported from the Ostfriedhof cemetery north towards Europaplatz, past Haaren and then outside the city to Linden-Neusen. The bike came to a stop there around 9 p.m.

As soon as Andre M. noticed the theft, he reported it immediately in the IT’S MY BIKE app. The IT’S MY BIKE Bike Hunters promptly informed the police, who headed directly to the location on the afternoon of 6 October.

The officers arrived in the residential area in Linden-Neusen, where the bike had last emitted a GPS signal, at 2.05 p.m. There, they recovered the bike, including the child trailer, and took it back to the police station, where Andre M. was able to reclaim it.


*Name changed

Photo: Stock image Adobe Stock