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Essen: police seize some 40 stolen bicycles

Rheine, Germany, January 2021. Thieves struck in a quiet residential area in central Rheine at around half past two on the night between 3 and 4 January. The owner didn’t notice that his e-bike worth some 5,000 euros had disappeared until the next day. The bike would probably have never been found again if it weren’t for the concealed built-in tracker.

When Niko L. discovered that his e-bike had gone around midday, he was pleased that he had opted to fit a GPS tracker when purchasing the bike. After locating his cargo bike in Essen using the associated app, he called in the IT’S MY BIKE team.

Sebastian Stoll, Customer Relationship Manager, wasn’t able to pinpoint the GPS signals at a precise location in the Ruhr region city until the following day. “In such cases, you need to act quickly and call in the local police,” affirms the expert in bicycle theft protection. Not far from the stadium, the officers finally discovered a warehouse containing some 40 bikes and other stolen property, mostly hidden away in a caravan. Niko L.’s cargo bike was also found there. The thieves has already removed some parts, including the pedals. “I’m happy to get my e-bike back again so quickly – the minor repairs are not a problem for me,” says the pleased owner.

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Image: Symbolbild / Adobe Stock