NewsWerkstudentin Ann Kristin Kunz auf der Eurobike

Everything and everyone is connected – my year at IoT Venture GmbH

My Master’s degree in Business Studies is largely concerned with marketing and corporate communications. So when I heard an internship was available at IoT Venture in autumn 2020, I was immediately attracted to it. The mixture of content management, trend research, and editing and copywriting in a young digital company sounded really promising. Things got underway and I started my work in a chic old building in Wiesbaden in November 2020.

Everyone is connected
Initially, I found the idea of beginning an internship in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic rather challenging. What with lockdowns, social distancing and working from home, surely it would be really difficult to find my feet in a new company and forge links with colleagues? I was wrong. Right from the start, the team were very open and warm and I felt accepted and valued. My working hours at home and in the office were flexible and I could fit them around my lectures. IoT Venture GmbH’s marketing claim is “Everything is connected”. A variation on this promise – “Everyone is connected” – reflects what working at the company is like. Despite the distances involved, it was relaxed and pleasant the whole time.

Communication from A to Z
In an environment like this, work was fun. Throughout my time here, I was involved in diverse and fascinating projects, from campaign days to target group analysis. I gained a lot of insight into areas relevant to communication, and in all these I was able to get involved and learn. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn – social media was one of my everyday jobs. As well as trend research, I was also responsible for creating and planning content. Speaking of YouTube, at the beginning of the year, I helped to work on a video interview for the IT’S MY BIKE channel. I was involved from the idea to consultation with the videographer right up to the release of the film. It was such a cool project!

Coordination with external service providers, such as translators, and briefings with our graphic designer were regularly on my to-do list. My work also involved developing and maintaining websites in WordPress and writing news articles and success stories for IT’S MY BIKE. I particularly appreciate the fact that I could independently coordinate and work on projects of my own. For example, I was responsible for setting up the IT’S MY BIKE Instagram channel, which I managed independently from content production to postings and analysis. No limits were imposed on my creativity and love of experimentation.

Contact with customers and chats with colleagues
Another little highlight was the Eurobike Show in Friedrichshafen in September (photo), which I took part in as a member of the IT’S MY BIKE team. Even before this, I was involved in the planning stage. What’s more, I handled social networking aspects of the trade show and coordinated the international flyers. It was especially exciting and enjoyable to talk to end clients and retailers, and have the opportunity to share experiences with colleagues at the end of each day at the show, far away from the office.

Part of the networked future
I have gained a great deal of varied experience of the world of communications in a modern company. The mission of IoT Venture GmbH is the networking of things. Being part of this and pushing forward a business model like IT’S MY BIKE online and offline every day, and continually connecting with new people, brought me a lot of enjoyment and practical experience. I wish to thank all my colleagues at IoT Venture GmbH, in particular the marketing and communications team, for their collaboration, support and the freedom they always allowed me to get creative.


Testimonial by Ann Kristin Kunz, working student in Corporate Communications at IoT Venture GmbH from 15 November 2020 to 31 October 2021.


Photo: Sebastian Stoll (IT’S MY BIKE)