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Hildesheim: Bicycle theft in the pedestrian zone

Hildesheim, 13/08/2023. In mid-August, Babette K. parks her e-bike in Hildesheim city centre. After just a short time, it disappears. The bike hunters at IT’S MY BIKE begin tracking.

It’s the evening of 13 August 2023. At about 8 p.m. Babette K. locks her e-bike in the pedestrian zone in Hildesheim. When she returns to her bike about an hour later, she can no longer find it where she originally parked it. But fortunately, her e-bike is fitted with a GPS tracker.

Babette immediately reports her e-bike as stolen in the IT’S MY BIKE app and alerts the bike hunters at IT’S MY BIKE.

Just three days later, at about 4 p.m. on 16 August, they receive a perfect GPS signal from the bike. It’s still in Hildesheim and is moving further north, out of the city centre. Due to its speed, they suspect that it is in a vehicle. Soon afterwards, the bike hunter team then alerts the police who, with the bike hunters’ help, start tracking the vehicle. After a few miles, the vehicle stops in a residential area in Hohenhameln, where officers can finally seize the bike.

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