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In pursuit of e-bike thieves

Whether incidents involve a conventional theft or a spectacular break-in at an e-bike dealer’s, when the phone rings at IT’S MY BIKE Customer Care, victims have come to the right place and thieves had better watch out.

The team headed by Sebastian Stoll pursue every individual case with passion. Thanks to close cooperation with the police, the success rate for e-bike recovery is very high at around 75 percent. For customer care employees, this means they need to provide a rapid response when the IT’S MY BIKE tracker emits a signal from a stolen e-bike, transmitting its position. This often occurs late at night or at the weekend, as you might expect.
No problem for Stoll as his work is more than just a job to him. “I always wanted to be a detective as a child. Now I can actually be one.” He is often very quickly at the centre of all the action thanks to state-of-the-art tracking technology and data, which the police also like to access.

In the thick of it, not on the sidelines
IT’S MY BIKE is always in the thick of things, not on the sidelines, whether a single e-bike is stolen or there is a major break-in at an e-bike dealer’s. Using the available GPS data, the case is precisely reconstructed first to subsequently take up pursuit in cooperation with the police.

The data from our trackers often provide the first pointers and it is not uncommon for entire storerooms full of stolen e-bikes to be uncovered with our help. The police are naturally happy that we exist and cooperation is close, as you would expect.” Even if the first attempt to catch thieves fails, Stoll remains in hot pursuit at all times. As soon as the tracker emits a signal and an opportunity arises to give pursuit, he contacts the police. “It’s a truly fantastic feeling when you can help to solve a theft in this way,” he declares.

Striking a balance between instant action and waiting patiently
Once IT’S MY BIKE Customer Care informed the police about a theft when the e-bike was on the move and a fast response was required. The tracker supplied precise location data and the police took immediate action. They approached the thief under the pretext of a general traffic control but the thief fled and the police had no idea what to do next. However, the thief could soon be located and arrested using the precise GPS data.
“When something like that happens, our daily work becomes extremely exciting,” affirms Stoll. “We help people who can’t believe that their e-bike has just been stolen. We take care of everything once the theft has been reported. We also are in constant contact with the police and help in the search for e-bikes and thieves.”
An extremely deft touch is often required in the process. “Sometimes we need to wait so as not to scare off the thieves. At other times we need to take immediate action. This is where experience pays off,” explains Stoll. “Our work is widely varied. That’s why I love my job.”