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IT'S MY BIKE working with e-bike manufacturer ZEMO

IT’S MY BIKE has managed to win over another e-bike manufacturer in ZEMO. A premium provider to the German ZEG group purchase organisation, ZEMO is now equipping all its series-manufactured bikes with IT’S MY BIKE technology.

Since March, ZEMO customers have the option of activating a series of digital services in the newly developed ZEMO Smart App 2.0 for 99 Euros (three years) or 149 euros (five years). Besides anti-theft protection with a movement alarm and a recovery service, services also include an emergency assistant and the option to analyse ride data.

“Smart e-bikes are the future,” affirms ZEMO Sales Manager David Heise. “Thanks to the cooperative partnership with IT’S MY BIKE, we are the first e-bike manufacturer to integrate truly professional digital anti-theft and accident protection as standard in our models which ensures assistance in the event of an emergency.”

The emergency assistant is a DEKRA-certified product providing greater road safety. The algorithms in the GPS tracker built into the ZEMO e-bike can detect a fall or accident and then trigger a process. ZEMO and IT’S MY BIKE work together with the AXA Group’s WayGuard accompanying app to provide this service. Manned twenty-four hours a day, the WayGuard Control Centre will alert the nearest police and rescue services in an emergency. The emergency process can also be activated manually if needed.

“We’re delighted that we have managed to attract another OEM customer in ZEMO with our service range. A networked e-bike is currently a great opportunity for manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition, keep up with innovative start-ups or even outperform them. Some digital service ranges will become standard in about two years’ time,” states Jürgen Veith, Chief Executive Officer of IT’S MY BIKE. “We’re planning to develop other service offers at a fast rate and provide them automatically in software updates in the ZEMO Smart App 2.0 so that our customers will continue to be at the leading edge.”