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Krefeld: GPS tracker finds a stolen e-bike in a vehicle

In early August, Florian Demuth locks his e-bike in front of his block in Krefeld. That evening, he is shocked to discover that his bike has disappeared. Without a GPS tracker, finding it again would have been an almost impossible undertaking.

At 21:09 on 5 August, the Bike Hunters from IT’S MY BIKE receive Florian Demuth’s theft notification. He tells them that he last plugged in his yellow metallic e-bike in front of his block of flats in Krefeld.

“During the day, I kept checking the app to make sure my bike was still there. And all of a sudden, it moved. I then reported the theft in the app straight away.”

Thanks to a built-in GPS tracker, the Bike Hunter Team can quickly locate the e-bike. It’s still in Krefeld, not that far from Florian’s flat, and was evidently stolen just half an hour before he reported the theft.

Next, the Bike Hunters wait for a perfect GPS signal. Just a few days later, on 10 August, it arrives: the stolen e-bike is on the move again. It’s in a vehicle and moving further south towards the outskirts of the city. The police are alerted and start tracking the vehicle.

The vehicle is finally parked just 3 miles from the site of the theft. To check whether the e-bike is actually in there, police officers jiggle the suspicious vehicle. The movement detection alarm of the GPS tracker is triggered immediately.

The police then get the vehicle open. There, they discover not just Florian’s e-bike, but another six stolen bikes. Florian can scarcely believe his luck. “The Bike Hunters were a fantastic help. I simply can’t thank them enough.”


Photo: Adobe Stock icon