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Littlehampton: stolen e-bike recovered within a day

Littlehampton, England, 02.02.2023. An e-bike belonging to a Littlehampton fast-food restaurant was parked where it could be seen but left unlocked. A bike thief seized the opportunity and made off with the bike. Thanks to the built-in IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker, the bike was located just a few metres away on the very same day.

An e-bike belonging to a fast-food chain was standing in the car park in front of a shopping centre, seemingly safe. But then something unexpected happened: a passer-by leapt onto the bike and pedalled off unchallenged in seconds. The restaurant employees reported the theft immediately. The IT’S MY BIKE Hunter Team started looking for the bike in cooperation with the BackPedal team in England at once. Fortunately, the bike was fitted with an IT’S MY BIKE tracker, which helped locate the bike just two streets away.

At first, the team was unable to find anything at the last indicated position, but then the bike was located at the same address again in the evening. The BackPedal team notified the police but was still unable to find anything at the location. However, they struck lucky the next day. The bike started transmitting a signal at 5.30 a.m., about 700 metres south from its last location. The bike hunters resumed their search, scouring the immediate vicinity and asking locals if they knew anything. They found the bike just a short time later, parked in a residential area. It was recovered and taken back to the fast-food restaurant.


Stock image: Adobe Stock