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Premium e-bike recovered two days after theft

Gelsenkirchen, 19 May 2022. If you ever fail to discover your e-bike is missing for two days after it has been stolen, you will obviously expect the worst: the bike is gone forever. However, the owner of a pedelec worth 5,000 euros was lucky that a GPS tracker had been fitted into his bike. He reported the theft to the IT’S MY BIKE Bike Hunter Team, who, despite the odds, did their utmost to find the e-bike.

Around 6.30 p.m. on 21 May, an owner reported the loss of his e-bike on an app associated with the bike’s GPS tracker two days after the actual theft. The IT’S MY BIKE team immediately set to work to find the bike as quickly as possible despite the theft being reported so late. The GPS data indicated that the bike was moving eastwards to Herne first but then returned to Gelsenkirchen again. There, it moved through a few streets before finally being parked in a green area less than a kilometre from where it was originally stolen.


Thanks to the optimum GPS reception in the open air, the local police and the bike’s owner had no problem in following the tracker’s location and, consequently, that of the premium Riese & Müller bike. The bike was found attached to a tree just one hour after the owner had reported the theft. The owner himself was also on the scene, happy to have his bike back again so soon.


Photo: Icon image / Adobe Stock