Success storiesNewse-bike theft at school in Geilenkirchen

Recovered: e-bike theft at school in Geilenkirchen

Geilenkirchen, 12 August 2022. An e-bike was stolen from a school near the German-Dutch border one morning in August. The owner reported the theft as soon as he could. But was it enough to recover his valuable bike?

Immediately after receiving a push message from the IT’S MY BIKE app at 11:30 a.m., the owner checked his bike’s location and realised his lock hadn’t provided enough protection. His set of wheels were no longer where he parked them at St Ursula Grammar School in the German town of Geilenkirchen. He reported the theft shortly after. The IT’S MY BIKE Hunter Team sprang into action immediately and tracked the thief through the city online thanks to the built-in GPS tracker.


The valuable pedelec was moving eastwards but still within the town’s limits. The IT’S MY BIKE team then followed it along the railway tracks towards a large car park. Everyone involved then grew nervous, hoping the bike wouldn’t be taken across the national border in a van.


Luckily, the thief headed back towards the town centre, across the river Wurm, near the Wurmauenpark. The bike then disappeared into a nearby building at around 7 p.m. Just one hour later, the police station was alerted again, because the bike was on the move once more. The bike was finally spotted near the Geilenkirchen fire station and subsequently seized by the local police.


Photo: Symbolic Image / AdobeStock