IT'S MY BIKE service world: e-bike anti-theft protection and much more!

Exemplary all-inclusive service completes theft protection for e-bikes

IT’S MY BIKE offers comprehensive theft protection for e-bikes and pedelecs with its newly developed GPS-based tracker, significantly reducing the risk of theft. The module features many other useful functions to optimise comfort, safety and riding fun. We will assist you in working with the police to recover your expensive e-bike. If you have an accident, the digital emergency assistant (premium service) will automatically inform a professional control centre, which will notify emergency services if you require medical attention. You can also choose insurance specifically for e-bikes directly via the app connected to the GPS tracker and even get a discount on the insurance with the tracker. The ride statistics function provides you with extensive data on the rides you have completed. Our comprehensive tracking service for e-bikes is only available from specialist bicycle dealers.

Anti-theft protection

Simple – Inexpensive – Digital

Your expensive e-bike must be protected against theft. With the pioneering e-bike anti-theft protection from IT’S MY BIKE, we guarantee a unique solution to protect your e-bike against theft, which is simple, inexpensive and digital. The solution comprises a built-in GPS tracking module concealed in your e-bike, either installed as standard or as a retrofit. Should your e-bike or pedelec be stolen even though you secured it with a conventional bicycle lock – unfortunately, not a rare occurrence – you will receive a theft warning immediately on your app and you can track the current location of your bike. This means that your bike can be found again anywhere at any time.


Recovering your e-bike

Greater convenience and security

IT’S MY BIKE with e-bike anti-theft protection will assist you with your report to the police and help recover your stolen bike. We will work closely with the police in the event of theft and use our tracker’s GPS position and its other data to identify the precise location of your bike. The vast majority of cases have been solved and the bike returned to its owner thanks to this service.

Emergency assistant

The IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker can support rescue forces!

IT’S MY BIKE keeps you safe while you are out and about with its digital emergency assistant. The DEKRA solution algorithms detect when the bike is lying on its side, which may indicate a fall. The emergency assistant can ask you to confirm that you are OK via the app. If you do not respond, the system triggers an emergency call to a professional control centre. In doing so, the system also transmits your location and emergency services are sent to you in the event of an accident so that you can quickly receive assistance.


Insurance service

Additional protection against theft with insurance from Alteos

With our GPS tracker for e-bike anti-theft protection, you have the chance to acquire inexpensive insurance packages. These come into play if your bike cannot be found or it is seriously damaged during its theft. You can take out three different insurance packages from our partner Alteos quite simply on our app. Choose between damage protection, anti-theft protection plus or all-inclusive protection. If you contract this service, you know that you will be paid the replacement value of your bike, should it not be possible to recover it, among other things.


Ride statistics

Review of your rides

IT’S MY BIKE allows you to review your biking activities: we show you how many kilometres you have travelled, indicating the time and speed. You yourself can decide whether you want to view solely your last trip or another time period. You can also display your rides in the form of a trace on the map. As sustainability is a top priority for us, you’ll also see how much CO2 you have saved with your ride. This is our way of encouraging you to swap your car for your e-bike even more often!

Bike sharing

Platform for hiring and renting out e-bikes

Expected to be available from 2022

Sharing is caring: you can also use the app to rent out your e-bike to other users. All you need to do is upload a photo, product details and a few other bits of information about your bike. The service is also available to e-bike riders who have yet to acquire a networked e-bike.


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