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Available from bike retailers, IT’S MY BIKE offers unique anti-theft protection for e-bikes with its pioneering technology. The comprehensive Service World that the app provides delivers a unique riding experience.

Anti-theft protection

Simple – Inexpensive – Digital

Your e-bike needs to be safe: with IT’S MY BIKE, we guarantee you a unique solution to protect your e-bike against theft. Simple. Inexpensive. Digital. The solutions comprises a built-in tracking module concealed in your e-bike, either installed as standard or as a retrofit. Once fitted, you can query your e-bike’s live location at any time and you also receive a warning of theft.



Cover remaining risk

In rare instances, a bike might not be found again. We offer favourably priced insurance from our partner to cover such a risk. Our customer service will take care of things and ensure that you receive a new e-bike of the same type and brand.

We’ll assist you with the police report and with the replacement via our IT’S MY BIKE app. You thus even enjoy greater security and convenience.


Accident alert to family member

Expected to be available from autumn 2019

Safe travels with IT’S MY BIKE: hard braking, a bike lying on its side or a sudden reduction in speed to zero may suggest an accident. Sensors detect such situations and can ask you to confirm that everything’s OK via the app.

If you do not respond, the system triggers an emergency call to a contact that you have previously indicated. The system also transmits your location and you can be quickly located and given rapid assistance in the event of an accident.


Journey statistics

Review of your ride

IT’S MY BIKE allows you to review your activities. We show you how many kilometres you have travelled, also indicating the time and speed. You yourself can decide whether you want to view just your last trip or another time period.

You can also display your rides in the form of a trace on the map.

As sustainability is a top priority for us, you’ll also see how much CO2 you have saved with your ride. This is our way of encouraging you to swap your car for your e-bike even more frequently!

Bike sharing

Platform for hiring and renting out e-bikes

Expected to be available from 2021

Sharing is caring: you can also use the app to rent out your e-bike to other users. All you need to do is upload a photo, product details and a few other bits of information about your bike. The service is also available to e-bike riders who have yet to acquire a networked e-bike.


Are you a bike dealer or manufacturer?

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