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Stolen e-bike is tracked right across Berlin

Berlin, 4 September. Just the day before, Franz M. has arrived home from holiday when, in the middle of the night, a thief makes off with his e-bike. But there’s something the thief doesn’t know: the Bike Hunter Team from IT’S MY BIKE is soon on his trail.

It’s 4 September, a chilly autumn night. A thief cracks the bicycle lock of Franz M.’s e-bike. But the owner is lucky: his bike – which he had secured to a bicycle stand at his home in Berlin-Schöneberg – is fitted with a GPS tracker from IT’S MY BIKE. However, he only notices the theft the following evening, and reports it using the IT’S MY BIKE app. The alerted Bike Hunter Team begins the search for the missing bike straight away.

Tracking the stolen e-bike reveals that it had already been stolen on the night of 4 September and has moved from Schöneberg in the direction of the Tiergarten park.

On 5 September, the bike sends another signal. It’s now located south west of central Berlin, in a street called Badensche Straße. A few days later, in mid-September, the tracker again signals from a similar location. The trail wanders further and further south, about 5 1/2 miles, from its previous location, past Friedenau and Steglitz towards Lankwitz. The Bike Hunter Team immediately alert the police and they carry on tracking together. At around 1 p.m. on 14 September, the police are able to secure both the bike and a suspect in a residential area to the east of Lankwitz park. They bring the bicycle to the police station.


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