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Stolen e-bike recovered at flea market

Offenbach am Main, 7 January 2023 – The new year didn’t get off to a very good start for Marcus K. He had parked his bike securely at the railway station one night, but when he came back the following morning, it was no longer there.

Marcus K. went to collect his bike from the railway station in Offenbach early one morning, but it was no longer to be found. His e-bike had disappeared. He reported the theft to the police and the IT’S MY BIKE Bike Hunter Team immediately. Thanks to the built-in IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker, the Bike Hunter Team was soon able to trace the bike as they received a clear signal the next day.


The bike was evidently on the motorway. The team informed the police straight away. Together, they pursued the bike, following its GPS signal, which led them to the Rodgau-Nieder-Roden motorway exit. Thanks to the live tracking, they were able to pinpoint the bike’s exact location. When they arrived at the indicated spot, the police encountered a flea market. They found Marcus’s bicycle there, covered by a towel. The thief alleged he had bought the e-bike for around 400 euros. The bike was seized and taken back to the police station in the Offenbach district of Heusenstamm, where the customer was able fetch it two days later.


*Name changed by the editors

Image: Symbol image / Adobe Stock