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Successful search in Datteln: police seize back several stolen bikes

“Fantastic thing! I’ve asked about the GPS tracker for my own e-bike too now,” summed up the policewoman after a stolen e-bike was successfully recovered. The innovative tracking module helped the police to find the high-quality item and return it to its owner.

The theft occurred in Datteln, a town in the Recklinghausen district in the northern Ruhr region, early in the morning. It wasn’t until early afternoon that Klaus A.* noticed that his electric bike had gone. Fortunately, it was equipped with an IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker. The owner was able to see the location in the app – his bike was a mere 1.2 kilometres away from the scene of the crime, in a residential area.

Once Klaus A.* had informed the IT’S MY BIKE team about his missing bike, he reported the theft to the local police in Recklinghausen. An IT’S MY BIKE employee forwarded the latest position data to the police, who then sent out a patrol.

At first, the police were unable to find the bike in the identified residential block. Then, luckily, a coincidence helped to clear up the theft: the officers spotted the stolen e-bike through a basement door that was open. It was not only Klaus A.* who had reason to celebrate: the police found other bicycles stolen on different occasions worth a total of around 15,000 euros. The police recovered the stolen goods and are now investigating a man suspected of aggravated theft.


*Name has been changed.

Photo: Stock image/Adobe Stock