Everything is connected

Our vision: everything is connected. We are a team of experienced managers from industry and young Internet of Things enthusiasts with a background in software and embedded systems. We are assisted by specialists in business development and marketing. We work together on our aim to provide e-bike riders with the best digital ride experience though a global, platform-based service world.

IT’S MY BIKE is an IoT Venture GmbH brand. You’ll learn more about us and our company on this website.

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company profile

IT’S MY BIKE is an IoT Venture GmbH brand. The company develops and markets GPS trackers which open up a new type of service world for e-bikes based on an app. IT’S MY BIKE uses the innovative narrowband NB-IoT and LTE-M radio standards in its products. These standards provide a cost-efficient solution for the Internet of Things as a Low-Power Wide-Area Network, offering low energy requirements, effective building penetration and a wide range.  Another advantage is that the technologies make use of existing networks. IT’S MY BIKE and IT’S MY RIDE operational activities include hardware and software development (embedded systems) and the provision of the required data platform (cloud solution).

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