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Twice stolen, twice recovered

When an e-bike worth almost 7,500 euros is stolen not just once but twice, you might be tempted to panic. Thanks to clear commitment and assistance from the IT’S MY BIKE customer service, it all worked fine in the end for Andreas Z. from Halle in Eastern Germany.

When his e-bike was first stolen last year, it was the thief who lost his nerve. As the police drew close, guided by IT’S MY BIKE GPS data and customer care employees, he hastily threw the heavy bike from the fourth floor of a residential block. The insurance covered the damage to Andreas’s bike, yet the nifty German-made vehicle attracted thieves on a second occasion.

The e-bike was first stolen while Andreas was eating in a restaurant but the second time the thief struck directly in the building where Andreas lives. As with the first time, he reacted just as he should, reporting the theft in the IT’S MY BIKE app, and Customer Service sprang into action once more.

Theft meticulously reconstructed
First of all, the theft was meticulously reconstructed using the data. They revealed that the e-bike had been moved several times in the night starting from 0:46 hours and was then parked in a Halle apartment building at 2:36 hours. The tracker emitted a signal at 14:12 later that day, indicating a position outside the building, the ideal time to strike. Andreas accompanied the police on the scene but a first attempt to recover the bike and a second one failed. “Even though you might think you’re about to pull things off, sometimes you need a little more patience,” affirms Andreas.

Almost four weeks went by before the IT’S MY BIKE tracker emitted a signal once more. The e-bike was located outside the building again at 23:33. It was being moved and taken to the district of Ammendorf. Guided by IT’S MY BIKE Customer Service, the police gave pursuit and managed to seize the stolen e-bike in a vehicle at 2:52. Sniffer dogs were also used to seek out the owner of the car. “It was obviously a spectacular finish, but what really counts in the end is that I got my e-bike back,” states Andreas.

Thanks to the work of the police, IT’S MY BIKE Customer Service and, last but not least, his own involvement and patience, Andreas got his e-bike back a second time and was thrilled to recover it once more. “Twice my e-bike was stolen, twice it was found and recovered with the help of the IT’S MY BIKE service. That’s fantastic. My thanks goes especially to Customer Service, who were instrumental in ensuring success owing to their great commitment.”

Image: Symbolbild / Adobe Stock