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Safety, comfort and riding pleasure

IT’S MY BIKE is a GPS tracker which you can use to protect your e-bike easily in conjunction with an app. The solution also provides access to other services. IT’S MY BIKE is available from bike retailers.



Anti-theft protection




Emergency alarm

The service

Don’t be afraid of bicycle thieves.
You can locate your e-bike at any time using the IT’S MY BIKE app.

After parking your bike, you simply activate the tracking service in your app. Sensors will detect if your e-bike should move and you’ll immediately receive a warning and indication of your e-bike’s live location.

Obviously, you can also query your e-bike’s position at any time if you should ever forget where you left it.


The Technology

The tracking device built into your e-bike captures your bike’s position.

A high-performance micro-controller processes its position and transmits it to our app for processing via the wireless network. We use the state-of-the-art NB-IoT radio standard to provide this service. A separate battery makes the GPS tracker independent from the main battery and ensures reliable operation over many months. There’s no need to worry about the battery life either: the battery starts recharging automatically as soon as you switch on your e-bike.