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How exactly does IT'S MY BIKE tracking work?

Our retail partner will fit the IT’S MY BIKE tracking module into your e-bike. A GPS signal can then determine its position. This position is transmitted via mobile radio and displayed on the IT‘S MY BIKE app. We use the new narrow band Internet of Things (NB-IoT) radio standard to provide this service.

What does the new NB-IoT radio technology offer?

NB-IoT is an LTE sub-standard with a significantly higher transmitting capacity than conventional LTE. Compared to established wireless technologies such as 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS), it offers considerable advantages thanks to a greater range, a longer battery life, lower costs and more effective building penetration. This solution also outperforms existing products in terms of security and robustness. NB-IoT and 2G/3G provide similar area coverage but NB-IoT offers the most effective coverage of all wireless technologies.

How secure is its radio transmission?

NB-IoT is based on LTE authentication and encryption and is thus just as secure as a mobile telephone. NB-IoT provides reciprocal authentication for the device and the network and encrypts the data traffic between the device and the core network. The secure, encrypted data transmission from devices entails logging onto the radio network with an individual device identity.

How fast & accurate is the tracking method?

As with all GPS systems, tracking depends on being able to receive a signal. This may mean inaccuracies, including incorrect reception, due to phenomena such as shadowing effects. If GPS signal reception is possible, it may take a few minutes until location is first determined. This depends on factors such as how long the bicycle has not been in use.

Maximum signal precision is guaranteed whenever your e-bike is outdoors. If your e-bike is moved inside a building after being stolen, we can identify which building your e-bike is situated based on the last location it transmitted.

Can the tracker battery discharge?

The tracker features an internal rechargeable battery which ensures operation for up to five months in stand-by mode (i.e. without moving) when fully charged. The battery starts charging as soon as you switch on your e-bike.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

An empty battery takes two hours to charge fully. When the e-bike is used as normal with power assistance, the battery does not need to be actively charged by switching on the bike. You can check the battery charge level on the IT’S MY BIKE app. It’s a good idea to top up the IT’S MY BIKE tracker battery by activating the e-bike if it’s not used for a longer period of time.

How long does the e-bike emit its position when it's not switched on?

Up to five months in standby mode, i.e. it’s not used. If the bicycle is moved, it emits its positions for up to eight hours. The duration varies depending on the reception quality, which is generally very good in densely populated areas.

Can I retrofit the technology?

A bicycle retailer can easily retrofit the tracker.

How do I know when a tracker is defective?

There are many potential reasons why your tracker is not working. First, check whether the battery is charged. GPS localisation may take up to ten minutes due to the system at times. A hardware defect may also be the cause. In case of doubt, contact your specialist retailer.

How does IT'S MY BIKE differ from existing products on offer?

IT’S MY BIKE uses the NB-IoT radio standard and this brings the advantage that data transmission requires significantly less energy and is cheaper. It is also able to emit signals from basements or underground garages, where other solutions have no coverage. More services are planned in addition to mere anti-theft protection. These include fall detection and notification.

Installation & motors

Where exactly is the tracker installed?

Retailers fit the IT’S MY BIKE module into the e-bike’s motor housing. It cannot be seen from the outside and makes no noise while in operation. We also provide additional anti-theft protection in the form of a sticker which informs potential thieves that the bicycle is being tracked. The e-bike rider can then choose to attach the sticker to deter thieves if they wish. 

Is it easy for a thief to simply remove or destroy the tracking module?

The tracking module is fitted into the e-bike. It can only be removed with tools and it takes time to detach it. A motion sensor will detect any tampering with the bicycle. In such cases, the sensor sends the e-bike owner a warning message on their mobile phone.

Can the IT’S MY BIKE tracker be fitted to all e-bikes?

A power supply between five and fourteen volts is required to deliver an output of 3.4 W. It is suitable for the rear light in most cases. Your retailer will programme your rear light to permanent mode. The installation space required for the tracker is available for all Bosch motors with a standard Generation 2, 3 or 4 plastic cover, thus ensuring installation is possible. Bicycle retailers can also fit the tracker to most other motors. Retailers can help you if you have any questions.

My e-bike has no taillight. Can I still mount the tracker?

Yes, it’s possible. But since the tracker has to be connected to the power supply, you need an extra cable for this. Please ask your dealer for more information.

Is the motor warranty still valid if you have the tracker fitted?

The tracker is an attachment part and not an installation part. The manufacturer warranty is therefore not affected.

The retailer will install the tracker as they will do it correctly. Bike owners are not meant to install it themselves and it may malfunction if they do. The IT’S MY BIKE manufacturer warranty is void in such cases.

Is there an installation manual?

Yes. It is intended for the retailer and is enclosed in the packaging.

Won’t thieves simply remove the tracker?

Obviously, in theory, it is possible to remove the tracker but it takes time and thieves would need a special tool. Thieves prefer to steal something quickly and don’t want to be seen tampering with stolen property for a long time. This has never actually happened in our experience.

Data network

Are there any areas where the tracker will not work?

The NB-IoT network is already available across almost all of Germany – roll-out should be complete by the end of 2020. Thanks to its wider range and more effective building penetration, NB-IoT is the technology which offers the best coverage, outperforming other wireless standards such as 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS) as a solution for seeking and finding stolen bicycles.

Will my tracker work outside Germany?

The tracker works in Germany, Spain, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, the UK, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. It will also be available for use in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland by the end of 2020.

Do I require a SIM card?

A SIM card is already permanently installed in the tracker. As a user, you do not need a separate mobile phone contract since we handle all the contractual arrangements with the network operators.


What operating systems can users run the app on?

The IT’S MY BIKE app is available for iOS and Android. You need to have iOS 7 or higher on an iPhone and Android 5.0 or higher on an Android device to ensure the tracker functions correctly.

How can I download the app?

Users can download the IT’S MY BIKE app from the App Store (Apple iOS) and the Android Playstore.

What languages is the app available in?

Currently in German, English and Dutch.

How do I register my e-bike?

You scan the QR code which you receive when you acquire the tracker. This is the key to our service as it were. Keep the QR code in a secure place. You should be aware that anyone who scans the code with the IT’S MY BIKE app can access your location.

How can a new user register the e-bike at sale?

The new owner can register the e-bike in the IT’S MY BIKE app using the original QR code (supplied with the tracker). You can easily uncouple the e-bike in your app by clicking “Edit Bike”. Once you’ve uncoupled the e-bike, you won’t be able to retrieve a location.

I lost my QR code. How do I get a new one?

If you lose your QR code and would like to link your e-bike to another or new account (for example, if you sell your e-bike), you are welcome to contact our support. A new code will then be sent to you.

What action do I need to take if my e-bike has been stolen?

You can use the IT‘S MY BIKE app to trigger a direct, automatic message to the police and transmit the location data. You can also use the app to provide details of the theft where possible. The police report, including the link to the e-bike’s live position, is also prepared ready to be sent or printed out. You can see the exact process in the app.

Can I also access the app from a PC, desktop or tablet?

No. It’s not designed for such use.

Can the IT'S MY BIKE application be integrated into other digital bicycle apps?

Yes. IT’S MY BIKE features an open, documented API interface which can be used to integrate all data into other applications. App developers can use this API.

A person icon with a number has appeared next to my e-bike in the app. What does that mean?

This icon tells you that other people have access to your bike, i.e. to where your e-bike is located. This may be the case if you have given your access key to a family member, so that you can track one another, for example. Please contact info@itsmybike.com if you haven’t given your access key to anyone.

My e-bike’s location does not always show exactly where my e-bike actually is. Why is that?

Unfortunately, GPS coordinates might show a slightly different location at any time, especially if your e-bike is parked near the wall of a building. In the event of a theft, our team will analyse the accuracy of GPS data to determine the precise location where it is parked, among other things. This data cannot be seen on the app. Updating the app won’t give you more accurate GPS data either.

Service World

What additional services do I receive when I purchase the tracker and app?

Automatic fall detection and notification is expected to be available in the app as an extra service from September 2020. This service is already included in the basic version at a purchase price of 199 euros (RRP).

We are also considering providing a private e-bike sharing model, which we’d like to offer via the app in the mid-term.

When does the service become available after purchase?

The tracker is active 24 hours after purchase.


How much does the tracker cost?

199 euros (RRP) for three years or 249 euros for five years. The price includes the hardware, use of the app and data transmission.

How can I purchase an extension to connectivity?

An extension is easily acquired and costs 49 euros for an additional year. The price for three years is 99 euros. It will be possible to purchase an extension directly on the IT’S MY BIKE website in the future, although purchase is not yet available.

You can buy a GPS tracker for 40 euros. Why the high price?

There are cheaper GPS tracker systems, of course, but they are not devices which have been specifically developed for e-bikes nor are they solutions which function free of errors in the European region. Trackers for e-bikes are specially developed and need to meet a variety of requirements for items such as battery life and the GPS tracker.

Can I combine the tracker with insurance?

Our tracker and app allow you to take out inexpensive insurance packages for an e-bike insurance policy with GPS protection directly from our partner Alteos.


Is the system also available for motorless bicycles?

Not yet since we need power supply from the e-bike battery. We also want to develop a solution for non-motorised bicycles if there is sufficient demand.


Is the system also available for motorbikes?

Not at the moment.


Where can I buy the e-bike GPS tracker?

We work exclusively with bicycle manufacturers for original equipment and with bicycle retailers for retrofits. You can find a suitable retailer for retrofitting using our retailer search.

How can I find a specialist retailer?

We are currently building up the specialist retailer network. You can find a suitable retailer using our retailer search. Or get in touch with us at info@itsmybike.com and tell us your retailer’s name and location. We’ll contact the retailer and coordinate the next steps. If needs be, we will also give you the name of an alternative retailer who already represents IT´S MY BIKE.

Can I also order the tracker on the Internet?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The tracker may only be fitted at a bicycle dealer’s to ensure it is fitted correctly. The bicycle dealer also needs to activate the tracker on a separate portal.

What kind of warranty does IT'S MY BIKE offer for the tracker?

We provide a statutory warranty of twenty-four months.


I’d like to become an IT’S MY BIKE specialist retailer. What does a cooperative partnership involve?

Please get in touch with us at info@itsmybike.de for more information. We will then be glad to contact you.

What is the minimum order for dealers?

The minimum order is one packaging unit. A packaging unit contains five IT’S MY BIKE trackers. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to order a single tracker.

What are the ZEG item codes for IT’S MY BIKE?

Short description: 5 IT´S MY BIKE GPS trackers (1 packaging unit)


There is also a point of sale (PoS) marketing package.

Item code: 070-50106

PoS marketing pack (free) (for dealers only)

This contains

  • 40 customer leaflets
  • 10 promotional stickers
  • 1 premium sticker
  • 1 counter display

Data privacy

What data are collected? How, where and when are they collected?

All the data required for our services are transmitted to our servers. These include locations, information on bicycle movement, battery levels and network information.

Are my personal data also collected? If so, how are they protected?

The collected data are personal data as per the General Data Protection Regulation. That is why we have an extensive data privacy agreement in line with legal requirements, which you must accept before using our services. You’ll find detailed information on our data privacy agreements on our website and in the IT’S MY BIKE app.

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