GPS tracker with NB-IoT technology

The Internet of Things in your Bike
The unique IT’S MY BIKE Service World offerings are based on the innovative, globally available NB-IoT radio standard for the Internet of Things. This standard interconnects people and objects virtually. Among other things, this allows you to locate your stolen e-bike using the software for a built-in NB-IoT GPS tracker. Other services such as those we offer in our Service World can thus be provided effortlessly. Difficult-to-access locations such as basements present no challenge for this low-power-wide-area (LPWAN) technology. It can also easily transmit small amounts of data over long periods of time. As this innovation allows the technology to operate over a narrowband network, IT’S MY BIKE NB-IoT GPS trackers consume very little energy. This safeguards the rechargeable battery and increases its service life significantly. The NB-IoT GPS e-bike tracking system also features excellent building penetration and an extremely long range and incurs low costs for component and data transmission.

IT'S MY BIKE GPS tracker


of NB-IoT

Low power consumption

Only small data volumes are exchanged

Long battery life

Up to 5 months in rest mode – during the winter months, for example


Low connection costs and hardware costs

Deep building penetration

The radio signals penetrate basements easily

Time-tested technology

The technology makes use of existing networks

Heightened security

Time-tested SIM-based security mechanisms as per LTE or G4 standard

Worldwide standard

With 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) in licensed wireless network

Network coverage

Exceptional network coverage outdoors

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