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A strong partnership: Dance and IoT Venture intensify their collaboration

The e-mobility company Dance GmbH and IoT Venture GmbH have been enjoying a successful co-operation since the beginning of this year. And now they plan to expand this partnership. As well as gradually equipping the entire fleet with GPS trackers, both companies are increasingly going to focus their joint efforts on data signatures.

Berlin-based start-up Dance offers bicycle subscriptions in Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Vienna. Where anti-theft protection is concerned, the mobility company has relied on IoT Venture’s expertise right from the start. The two firms are now about to intensify their collaboration.

Digital anti-theft protection for Dance fleet

One aim of this collaboration is to digitally protect the entire fleet of the rapidly growing Dance company from theft. At the beginning of the year, several thousand “Dance-One” e-bikes were already fitted with GPS trackers from IT’S MY BIKE, IoT Venture’s commercial label. Now other bikes from the Dance fleet are also to be provided with innovative anti-theft protection.

“In recent months, we have already benefited from our collaboration. The number of bicycle thefts in cities is extremely high, as everyone knows – in Paris and Berlin alone, we will be able to recover a three-figure number of stolen Dance bikes this year, thanks to this new technology,” says Mario Schmitz, Head of Business Development at IoT Venture.

Data signatures: Dance and IoT Venture become data partners

As well as anti-theft protection and the recovery of stolen bikes, the collaboration between Dance and IoT Venture will also be extended to cover data signatures.

Using smart technology, IoT Venture offers insight into and analysis of data that can be used in various situations. Data from past thefts has the potential to shed light on possible patterns in theft, which may point to organised crime, for instance.

In addition, a jointly developed algorithm reveals when Dance bikes are used for commercial purposes. This ensures that hired bikes are used solely in line with the agreed terms of use.

“Thanks to our collaboration with IoT Venture, we are setting new standards in anti-theft protection for our bikes. Furthermore, the closer cooperation around data signatures provides us with deeper insight into use and theft trends,” explains Christian Springub, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Dance GmbH.


About Dance

Here at Dance, we are firmly convinced that people should be able to go wherever they want easily and sustainably. With our full-service subscription electric bikes and mopeds, both individuals and companies are given easy and convenient access to mobility that’s fun, without having to invest in a vehicle of their own: servicing is included and membership is flexible. We are convinced that the more people prefer e-mobility to cars, the more our cities will be connected and offer a better quality of life. Dance currently operates in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Munich), Austria (Vienna) and France (Paris). The company was established by SoundCloud founders Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung plus the co-founder of Jimdo, Christian Springub. Investors include BlueYard, HV Capital and Eurazeo. To find out more, go to