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Bicycle theft in Bremen: thief struck at night, not far from the Weser

Bremen, June 2020. On the night between 21 and 22 June 2020, a high-end e-bike was stolen from a residential quarter in Bremen city centre. What the thieves did not realise was that the vehicle was not only secured with a bicycle lock but it was also fitted with a GPS tracker. When the owner noticed his e-bike was missing the next morning, he notified the manufacturer immediately. The manufacturer fits tracking modules to its e-bikes as an option.

A search was launched immediately and just a few hours later the police managed to retrieve the e-bike in a location just 1.7 kilometres away on the other side of the River Weser. The tracker managed to pinpoint the e-bike’s precise position. “It gives our team an enormous boost when a stolen bicycle is found,” affirms a pleased Thomas Ullmann, Chief Operating Officer at IT’S MY BIKE, which designed and developed the locating solution. Based on the pioneering NB-IoT radio standard for the Internet of Things, the tracker is significantly more robust, more reliable and more energy-efficient compared to other solutions. “Working together with the police is highly effective in recovering stolen goods and gives us great pleasure. Officers are very impressed with our system. It makes police work far easier as they are not only given the location but also all relevant details to clearly identify the bike,” states Ullmann.