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Bike stolen during shopping trip – successfully recovered thanks to tracker

Detmold, 27.08.2022. Detmold resident Ulrich P.* simply wanted to buy a few things and then continue on his way. However, things didn’t quite go to plan.

When Ulrich left the Detmold supermarket on the evening of 26 August 2022, he quickly noticed that his bike was no longer where he had parked and secured it. He reported the theft the very next morning. The IT´S MY BIKE Bike Hunter Team then took up the chase.


They didn’t need to wait long for a GPS signal from the bike. Just three days later, they were able to pick up the precise trail. The stolen item was first located east of Bielefeld, in the town of Lage in the Lippe district. From there, the ride continued to Helpup, 5 km away, via the municipality of Greste until the police eventually swept in and apprehended the thief in Pottenhausen. The owner was very pleased: he retrieved his e-bike and is now able to go shopping again as usual.


*Name has been changed

Photo: Symbolic Image / Adobe Stock