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Bike thieves apprehended thanks to GPS tracker

Wolfsburg, 26 September. For many, it was just a regular workday, but not for Eric K. as it turned out. During the night from September 26 to 27, a thief targeted his bicycle, which he had ridden to work shortly before. Little did the thief know, but the e-bike was protected by a built-in IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker.

It was 27 September. Eric K. was working the night shift at a Wolfsburg production facility. He had ridden to work on his e-bike as usual and parked it in a secure bicycle room at the production facility where he worked. Just a short time later, however, he noticed that his valuable bike had been stolen.

Since the bike was fitted with a GPS tracker, he reported the theft to the IT’S MY BIKE team. The Bike Hunter Team promptly initiated a search. They pinpointed the last GPS signal in Wolfsburg’s Schlosspark, about 2.5 kilometres away from where the bike was stolen. They immediately alerted the police, who headed to the indicated location. Initially, the bike seemed to have vanished without a trace.

The tracker sent a signal at 1.30 p.m. just two days later, transmitting from the park again. Eric K. had been working the night before, so was asleep at the time. He wanted to check the park again together with the police the next day.

The tracker emitted a perfect signal again at about 20:15 in the evening on the same day. The bike was on the move. It headed further south, crossing over Mittelland Canal and passing through Hellwinkel and Steimker Berg before continuing towards Köhlerberg, where it came to a halt in the theatre car park. In the meantime, the Bike Hunter team notified the police, who rushed to the car park.

On arrival, the officers not only found the stolen bike but also apprehended the bike thieves near a truck and took them to the police station. The stolen bike was safely recovered.


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