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E-bike stolen from basement in Münster

Münster, 27.02.2023. Lena S. discovered that her bike had been stolen from her basement, even though she had locked it up securely. She immediately alerted the police and reported the theft in the IT’S MY BIKE app.

In late February, Lena S. entered her basement to find that the new bike she had owned for just two weeks had disappeared. Her new bike had been stolen, although she had secured it with two locks. She immediately reported the theft in the IT’S MY BIKE app that she had installed on her phone just hours before.

Once notified, our Bike Hunter Team was able to locate the bike instantly. It was moving within the city of Münster. At first, it was heading towards a shopping centre before eventually coming to a halt in a housing estate in the Rumphorst district. Accompanied by the police, the customer made her way to the location where the last GPS signal was emitted. They managed to find it at the side of a high-rise building and take it to the police station. Lena S. picked it up there a short time later.

*Name changed

Stock image: Adobe Stock