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Family cargo bike stolen

Hamburg, 10 September 2022. Waking on a Saturday morning to the news that your beloved family cargo bike has been stolen is anything but relaxing. But that’s precisely what happened to a family from Hamburg. What’s more, the app push notification reporting the theft had been sent over an hour before they awoke. Was there still a realistic chance of ever finding the bike again? 

A family cargo bike valued at over €9,000 new was stolen in a residential area near Hamburg’s Alster lake at around 5.50 a.m. on Saturday 10 September. The bike had been fastened to a bicycle rack with a security lock directly outside the door, but this hadn’t deterred the thieves for long. 


They had passed near the city’s Innocentia Park a mere 10 minutes later before continuing south. Fortunately, the signal from the IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker could not have been stronger. The thieves then went past the Planten un Blomen Park on the Grindelallee and crossed Kennedy Bridge, 4 km away from the family’s home, at about 6.20 a.m., before heading further east. They continued along this route with the cargo bike until they came to a stop in the city’s Billstedt district. They were now about 13 km away from the initial crime scene on the Alster.  


When the theft was reported at 7.30 a.m., the bike was still in Billstedt, more precisely in a residential neighbourhood with apartment buildings near the B5 main road. Thanks to the IT’S MY BIKE-Bike Hunter Team, which handles e-bike recovery, the police immediately sent out a patrol. They managed to seize the family’s cargo bike in less than half an hour. The beloved cargo bike was returned to the family thanks to the continuous optimal GPS signal and the rapid response by the local police in cooperation with the Bike Hunter Team. 


*Name has been changed

Photo: Symbolic Image / Adobe Stock