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Münster: Bicycle thieves break into basement garage

Münster, 28.01.2023. Rosa H. locked up her bike as usual in her basement garage, a place where you’d think your bike would be safe. Little did she know that her bike would disappear shortly afterwards.

One late afternoon at the end of January, an unsuspecting Rosa H. went into her basement garage in the southern part of Münster to take out her e-bike. When she got there, she couldn’t believe her eyes: her beloved e-bike had been stolen. She immediately reported the theft in the IT’S MY BIKE app.

Once notified, the IT’S MY BIKE Hunter Team launched a search without delay. The GPS tracker in the bike wasn’t emitting any signals at first. This was probably because the bike was no longer being moved right after it had been stolen. But in late February, the tracker started transmitting a clear signal. The bike had begun moving northwards within Münster. The Bike Hunter Team promptly informed the police, providing the bike’s precise location. The police were finally able to recover the stolen bike at the specified location. The customer was promptly informed that the bike had been retrieved.


*Name changed by the editors

Image: Symbol image / Adobe Stock