NewsAlteos & IT'S MY BIKE - Die E-Bike-Versicherung mit GPS-Schutz

New: e-bike insurance with GPS protection online – seminar for Alteos partner stores

The e-bike boom continues unabated and has even gained greater momentum as a result of the Covid crisis. These top-range bicycles are available in increasingly more variants and for increasingly more purposes. On the downside, these bikes are not only popular with customers but also with thieves. To combat theft, insurance company Alteos, a subsidiary of AXA, has entered into a partnership with IT’S MY BIKE and developed the first e-bike insurance package with GPS protection and a recovery service in the event of theft exclusively for bicycle retailers.

On 10 June 2020, Alteos Managing Director Dr Sebastian Sieglerschmidt and Jürgen Veith, CEO of IT’S MY BIKE, held an online training seminar for the bicycle retail trade, explaining how bicycle retailers can extend their sales and service range with Alteos e-bike insurance. They also answered questions such as what an e-bike insurance policy with GPS protection is, how an insurance start-up’s product range differs from that of an established provider and how often stolen e-bikes are found using a GPS tracker. A version of the video talk reduced to just under 30 minutes is now available on the IT’S MY BIKE YouTube channel (in German). Dealers who don’t have time to spare can use the structure overview in the video description to go directly to specific questions they want answered.  

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