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Petty criminal known to police steals e-bike in Rostock

Rostock, 23 February. A petty criminal snatched Dina F.’s* bike right from the entrance to her building in Rostock.

It was Wednesday, 23 February. Dina F.’s* bike was supposed securely fastened in front of the entrance to her building in Rostock. But what she didn’t expect was that a thief would start tampering with her bike in the middle of the night. Well-known to the police, the petty criminal initially set off with the stolen bike towards Nordwasser in the port city of Rostock, west of the city centre, where he came to a stop at 00.20 a.m. The thief didn’t move the bike again until a few hours later, at 2.20 p.m. Dina F. was still oblivious of the theft at this point.

The bike thief continued his journey southward and came to a stop once again at 2:45 p.m., on Tessiner Strasse, near the cash and carry store Handelshof Rostock, between Brinckmansdorf and Neu Roggentin.

Dina F. didn’t notice the theft until the next day. She contacted the IT’S MY BIKE Hunter Team immediately as her e-bike was fortunately fitted with an IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker. They promptly picked up the trail and located the last signal.

They noticed that the bike was no longer moving and was still in Rostock South. The Bike Hunters informed the police without delay. The officers then headed to the last transmission location and managed to seize the e-bike, three other bikes and other stolen goods in a van. It emerged that the thief was a small-time criminal known to the police.

*Name changed

Stock image: Adobe Stock