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Premium e-bike stolen while owner was at work

Bremen, 29 September 2022. Owner Lukas* was looking forward to riding home and chilling out after a long shift at work on the Thursday in question. However, his bike was stolen while he was working. Fortunately, the built-in GPS tracker transmitted an optimal signal, allowing the premium e-bike to be tracked. 

Lukas* parked his bike near his workplace in Bremen’s Hemelingen district at around 1 p.m., right before his shift. Unfortunately, his e-bike did not remain there until he finished work, but was taken from its parking place, near the Osterholz cemetery, at around 4 p.m. Thanks to the push notification from the IT’S MY BIKE app, he quickly learned what had happened thanks to the brand’s GPS tracker fitted to his bike. Lukas was soon in hot pursuit of the thief, accompanied by a work colleague and the police. 


Heading south, the thief soon crossed Sebaldsbrücker Heerstrasse, a main road running through the district. The GPS tracker then led the owner across the railway tracks into a residential area with apartment buildings. A while later, the thief rode a short distance to the west before returning to the railway tracks at around 4.15 p.m. He then rode back and forth along Martensstrasse parallel to the very same railway tracks for a short time. 


However, he hadn’t expect Lukas and the police to arrive a mere 10 minutes later. When confronted, the thief claimed to have found the premium bike worth more than €4,000 in a bush. However, his battery angle grinder and the other tools he was carrying indicated otherwise. 


*Name has been changed

Photo: Symbolic Image / Adobe Stock