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Stolen e-bike reappears in Prague

Prague, 29.05.2023. Ralf S.* was on the last day of his holiday in late May when his e-bike was stolen from outside a hotel in Prague. He reported the theft early in the morning. Thanks to the IT’S MY BIKE tracker, the bike was easily located just a few kilometres away.

It’s a holiday Ralf S. won’t forget in a hurry. After a few relaxing days in a hotel in the Czech capital of Prague, he made an unpleasant discovery on his day of departure: his e-bike had been stolen from the hotel’s courtyard during the night of 28 May. Fortunately, his e-bike was fitted with an IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker. He reported his bike as stolen in the IT’S MY BIKE app at half past seven in the morning.

The IT’S MY BIKE Hunter Team managed to locate the bike not very far away: it was still in Prague and was being moved from the southern district of Podolí towards Libuš, on the city’s outskirts. The local police managed to seize the bike back there a mere two and a half hours after the theft had been reported. The bike owner was pleased the incident hadn’t ruined his holiday.

*Name changed

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