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Theft in Leipzig – not one stolen bike but seven

Leipzig, 17 November 2022. Thinking that he’d be leaving his bike securely locked to a bike stand, Christoph B. left his bicycle in a Leipzig street without a second thought. However, when he returned, his bicycle was gone.

Christian B.* secured his bike as usual to a bike stand with a lock in western Leipzig. Unfortunately, it was not his lucky day. He found an empty bike stand when he returned to collect it as his bike had been stolen in broad daylight.

He reported the theft to the police and the IT’S MY BIKE Bike Hunter Team immediately. Thanks to the built-in GPS tracker, they were able to track his bike.

Initially, the signals emitted were very imprecise but the bike finally started to move towards evening and began transmitting from near a residential neighbourhood, some two kilometres away from its original parking place. However, when police questioned residents and carried out a search in the area, they were unsuccessful at first.

A few days later, the Bike Hunter Team started receiving GPS signals from the tracker in the same area again. However, the search proved futile once more. Fortunately, the police finally struck lucky on 21 November and managed to seize Christian’s stolen bike back, located inside a van along with six other stolen bikes.

*Name has been changed

Photo: Symbolic Image / Adobe Stock