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Bicycle thieves enjoyed spoils fleetingly in Münsterland

Thieves made off with not just one but two e-bikes in Ahaus, a German town not far from the Dutch border, one February night. The owners were lucky: one of the bikes worth some 3,000 euros was fitted with an innovative digital anti-theft protection device.

When Jan K.* and Philip F.* were about to set off to work at around 6 a.m. one morning, they noticed that their e-bikes had gone. They had secured them properly when they had left them. Besides attaching ring locks firmly to the wheels, they had also secured and fastened the bikes with chain locks.

Jan K. already knew what it was like to have his bike stolen. That is why he used additional digital anti-theft protection for his high-quality bike. He had just had the IT’S MY BIKE brand GPS tracker fitted into his e-bike a few months earlier. He used the associated app to immediately alert the police and the IT’S MY BIKE team on the morning he discovered the bikes had been stolen.

The stolen bike’s location was revealed immediately when they looked at the app: the thieves had moved his bike just three kilometres away to a detached property on the outskirts of town.

Once on the property, the police spotted the stolen bikes when they looked through a window. Both bikes were seized and had already been picked up from the police station in Ahaus by around 8 a.m. The thieves thus only managed to enjoy their spoils briefly. The victims recovered their bikes a mere four hours after they had been stolen.

*Name has been changed

Image: Symbolbild / Adobe Stock