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Burkstaaken: GPS Tracker leads police to stolen e-bike

Burgstaaken/Darmstadt, June 2020. Police apprehended an e-bike thief on the German island of Fehmarn in late May thanks to a GPS tracking module fitted to the bike. Worth almost 5,000 euros, the bike was stolen from hotel premises in the night between 24 and 25 May, despite being secured with two locks. What the thief didn’t realise was that the bike featured not double, but triple protection. The manufacturer had also fitted it with a concealed, built-in tracker developed by the Darmstadt-based company IT’S MY BIKE.

When the holidaymaker noticed her bike was stolen the next morning, she informed the bike manufacturer immediately, who started the search and notified the police. As the thieves had apparently hidden the bike in a field along a nearby country road, the officers first searched there. On 28 May, the team began to receive signals again – this time from a dirt track in a neighbouring village. The police finally managed to seize the bike and took the personal details of a suspect, caught riding the two-wheeler. “I’ll never ever buy a bike without a GPS tracker again,” the delighted owner concluded.