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E-bike recovered after over two weeks

Halle (Saale), May 2022. A user living in the German city of Halle could hardly have imagined that she wouldn’t see her e-bike for over two weeks. However, it was eventually recovered thanks to the built-in GPS tracker by IT’S MY BIKE.

Although the owner had forgotten to activate the movement alarm in the GPS tracker’s associated app, she did notice the theft and reported it within minutes. Our Bike Hunter Team contacted the cyclist immediately and traced the bike’s movement from the Neustadt district to the high-rise estate in Silberhöhe in south Halle, where its exact position couldn’t be pinpointed to a single street number at first.


A good two weeks later, the pedelec was on the move again and the Bike Hunter Team was notified of its movement immediately. The IT’S MY BIKE team informed the local police and the officers set off without delay. Even though the signal was not optimal at first, the police persisted and managed to recover the missing pedelec after about two hours of searching in said high-rise estate in the Silberhöhe district. The e-bike was taken to the police station, where the owner was able to collect it the same evening.


Photo: Symbolic Image / Adobe Stock