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E-bike theft: pursuit on motorway

Krefeld, 24 May 2022. An e-bike was stolen in the district of Cracau in Krefeld. The police first followed the signal as far as Autobahn 57, where they asked themselves if the bike was being taken to the Netherlands.

Right after the theft was reported, the owner of the valuable pedelec immediately headed towards the last indicated GPS location with the police. Unfortunately, there was no trace of the bike there. The bike wasn’t moved again until two days later. The transmitted signal became increasingly more precise over an hour and the IT’S MY BIKE Bike Hunter Team notified the local police station once more.


Around 5 p.m., the bike started heading towards the motorway, meaning there were still infinite opportunities for the thieves to get away. Half an hour after entering the motorway, the tracker reported a change in direction towards Duisburg, where the thieves exited. Unfortunately, the police didn’t manage to get to the scene straight away but the tracker continued to transmit a perfect signal.


About an hour after the bike started heading towards the motorway, the police managed to seize it near Duisburg City Park. The bike was first taken to the police station and was handed over to its rightful owner a short time later, unlike the van used in the theft, which was held in the vehicle pound.


Photo: Icon image / Adobe Stock