NewsIT'S MY BIKE GPS-Tracker Verpackung von oben

IT’S MY BIKE on the Radelbande Youtube channel

Radelbande’s Tilman Sander explains the IT’S MY BIKE technology and app on his YouTube channel and takes a closer look at personal data protection.

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Tilman Sander focuses on cargo bikes, e-bikes, mobility and transport transition on his Radelbande channel on social media networks. In one of his latest YouTube videos, he tests the IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker.

In the first video of the two-part series, he looks at the advantages and disadvantages of GPS trackers and presents the special features in the IT’S MY BIKE solution. “I’m not really a big fan of GPS trackers due to their low battery life and complicated use. IT’S MY BIKE has implemented technical solutions and innovations which have changed my mind,” states the enthusiastic cargo bike rider.

You can see the first Radelbande IT’S MY BIKE video here.

Photo: YouTube/Radelbande