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Jürgen Veith of IT'S MY BIKE interviewed on the Technikshow

In photo: Oliver Heinze, Technikshow presenter


Cycling has taken on a completely new, partikulare highly regarded status among the population during the Covid crisis. Many people are opting for this healthy, environmentally friendly form of transport instead of using their car or public transport.

Bike retailers are also noticing the change as long queues form in front of stores. Sales of e-bikes in particular are booming. However, even the most expensive locks are unable to provide comprehensive anti-theft protection for these high-grade bikes.

Reporting a stolen e-bike to the police doesn’t often meet with success, yet “things are different with IT’S MY BIKE”, reveals CEO Jürgen Veith. The concealed GPS tracker built into e-bikes provides police with crucial information on a missing bike’s whereabouts and about the bike and the owner themselves. This allows the police to proceed quickly, knowing what they need to do.

The IT’S MY BIKE team works closely together with the police and the victim in the event of a theft, thus enabling a relatively good recovery rate when it comes to e-bikes, Veith goes on to explain.

Also available via an app, the IT’S MY BIKE Service World offers modern services to customers, including ride statistics, an insurance service and soon even a digital emergency assistant alongside anti-theft protection. The IT’S MY BIKE GPS module is available from selected specialist dealers.


Here is the full audio interview (in German): Download.