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Mannheim hot spot – e-cyclist robbed not once but twice

Mannheim, October 2020. Nerve-racking weeks for Manuel S.* from Mannheim: his costly e-bike was stolen right from his doorstep in the Schwetzingerstadt district twice in a row. Thanks to a concealed IT´S MY BIKE GPS tracker installed in the e-bike, the evidently highly coveted bike was quickly recovered both times.

The first theft took place on the night of 8 October. The thieves took the properly secured bike from Schwetzingerstadt and across the River Neckar to nearby Feudenheim. The owner reported the crime to the local police the next morning when the IT’S MY BIKE team also stepped in. Aware of the bike’s last known position, the officers headed to the neighbouring city district just six kilometres away.

There, they had a look inside a suspicious van but didn’t find the e-bike. Eventually, a local resident gave them some crucial information: he had observed high-quality bicycles disappearing into a basement on several occasions. The police not only managed to seize the bike they were looking for but two other bikes as well.

A grateful, overjoyed Manuel was able to pick up his bike from the police station at around noon. What he didn’t suspect at the time was that he would fall victim to the same crime again two weeks later.

This time, he had parked his e-bike on his doorstep with only the rear wheel locked. A thief seized the opportunity and quickly whisked the locked bike away to Mannheim train station, where he boarded a train heading south to Limburgerhof. Distraught, the owner reported the theft to the IT’S MY BIKE team around 10 p.m. The team responded immediately, passing on details of the bike’s movements to the police.

The officers continued tracking the thief, apprehending him not far from Limburgerhof halt. The thief enjoyed his spoil for just a brief moment: the valuable bicycle was handed over to the police less than 45 minutes after it was reported stolen. Manuel S. was able to sleep in peace that night.


*Name has been change

Image: Symbolbild / Adobe Stock