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GPS tracker guides police in pursuit of stolen bike

“We’ve managed to repossess a stolen bike yet again. We’re pleased that we have helped to solve the theft,” affirms IT’S MY BIKE team member Sebastian Stoll. “Our clear-up rate is on average 80 percent.”

The thief struck in the North Rhine-Westphalian district of Mülfort one February afternoon, stealing a top-end e-bike. The owner managed to fix on the location of her vehicle using the IT’S MY BIKE GPS tracker built into the electric bike.

The customer searched for the bike herself at first but was not able to find it at the location indicated at an apartment building. She then reported the theft to the police in the app and informed the IT’S MY BIKE team. “As a basic rule, we recommend reporting a theft directly and as quickly as possible for reasons of your own safety alone if nothing else. Experience shows us that we can make a more targeted search if the theft is reported at an early stage,” explains Customer Relationship Manager Sebastian Stoll from the IT’S MY BIKE team.

New movement data were the key to success on the following morning. After being contacted by the IT’S MY BIKE team, the police immediately started to give chase – the bike they were looking for was in a vehicle travelling towards Mönchengladbach. The car eventually stopped at the railway station in Düsseldorf, where the police seized the bike and gave it back to the relieved customer.

Image: Symbolbild / Adobe Stock